Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Learning About Babies"

1. When do babies develop their personalities or temperament?

a.     Around one year old, when they begin talking and walking

b.     In the womb

c.     Around six months old, when they can reach out and explore with their hands
2.   When can a newborn begin learning about the world?
a.     In the womb
b.     At birth
c.     At two weeks old
3.   Who is the number one resource for understanding what  is going on with your baby?
a.     Your doctor
b.     Your doula
c.     Your mother-in-law
d.     Your baby
4.   When do mothers and father bond with their baby?
a.     Immediately after birth
b.     Several weeks after birth
c.     Either immediately after birth or within several weeks can be normal
5.   What mothers develop post-partum depression?
a.     Mothers with weak personalities
b.     Mothers who are ambivalent about being a mother
c.     Mothers who have a personal or family history of depression
6.   Can a parent tell when a baby is over-stimulated?
a.     Yes, the baby may cry or look away from his mother
b.     No, a baby who is well loved will not get over-stimulated 
c.      No, newborns don't get over-stimulated
7.   Why do babies cry?
a.      Because they are tired, hungry or over-stimulated
b.      Because they don’t like their mother
c.      Because they have bad personalities 
8.   How can you tell if a newborn is hungry and ready to eat?
a.      She will wiggle and squirm
b.      She will bring her hand to her mouth
c.      She will cry
d.      All of the above
9.   How do babies act when they are sound asleep?
a.      They are completely still
b.      They wiggle, squirm, and their eyes flash open
c.       Both of the above 
10. How much can a newborn see and hear
a.       Very little. They develop this ability over several months
b.      Almost as much as her parents

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